This page gives the essential Git commands for working with this project's source files.

Setting up this repository in your local environment for the first time (one-time only)

If you have just created a project or you already have a local repository, skip this step.
git clone --branch master
cd thingml_diversifier

Creating Releases

A release is a downloadable archive that is based on a commit of your choosing. Follow the steps below to create a release.

1. Create a Git tag for the release

  1. Choose the commit you would like to use for the release and copy its hash.
    git log # you can obtain the tag with this command
  2. Using the commands below, tag your commit with a version number of your choosing. Tags must be in the format x.y where x and y are positive integers. This step must be completed using Git on the command line; EGit in Eclipse won't work.
    git checkout <the hash for the commit you chose goes here>
    git tag x.y
    git push origin tag x.y

2. Create the release from the website

When you have completed step one above, refresh the page for further instructions. If you have done this and are still receiving this message, make sure that the format of your tag is correct and that you have successfully pushed your tag.