MODELS 2012 NSF Funding for US Doctoral Symposium Students

The Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems conference (MODELS) series brings together researchers and practitioners involved in modeling languages, methods, tools, and their application in the engineering and development of complex computer-based systems essential to today’s society. MODELS is considered to be the premier conference in software and systems modeling, with a focus that encompasses a wide spectrum of modeling notations/tools/techniques in a wide variety of application domains.

An on-going issue is the lack of representation at the MODELS conference by groups in the US who are involved in topics well-represented at the conference. MODELS is held alternate years outside of Europe, generally in the Americas (most often in the US), yet the number of papers and attendees is disproportionally low for the US compared to Europe.

These NSF-sponsored grants to US-based doctoral students accepted to the 2012 Doctoral Symposium will provide increased recognition of important work being conducted in the US, and also foster collaboration opportunities on an international basis.