Towards Scalable Views on Heterogeneous Model Resources

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Hugo Bruneliere^1, Florent Marchand de Kerchove^1, Gwendal Daniel^2, Jordi Cabot^3
1 IMT Atlantique - LS2N (CNRS) & ARMINES, 2 IN3 - UOC, 3 ICREA & UOC
Required Tool(s): 
Eclipse Modeling Tools (4.7), CDO (4.6), Xtext (2.13), Epsilon (1.4.0), ATL (3.8)
Programming/Modeling Languages: 
Java, EMF, ATL, Xtext
Artifact Description: 

This artifact regroups all the tools used or created for the MODELS 2018 paper Towards Scalable Views on Heterogeneous Model Resources.

Our contribution is the ability to create views combining very large models from heterogeneous resources (e.g., in-memory or from NeoEMF- or CDO-managed databases). These views can be navigated and queried like regular models.

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